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If you’re growing a business, a necessary and hopefully positive part of that growth involves expanding your team. But without the luxury of having an HR department to manage all the people-related queries, how do you set up HR systems and processes that can scale as you grow, but don’t overcomplicate things either? That’s where we come in.
Startups have a lot of work ahead of them, and in the rush of everyday business, it can be difficult to take time and establish a solid HR department strategy.

While many small businesses may not see the need for an HR department, it’s a necessary and valuable asset to have at your company, especially if you’re looking to grow. Not only can establishing an HR department early on help keep your company organized while you grow, but it can handle internal issues that are bound to crop up when you least expect them.

Setting up the HR & people’s processes includes the following:

HR staffing plan

HR budget

Payroll system/administration

Company Wide staffing plan

Job descriptions

Compensation & Benefits plans

Employee handbook

Safety procedures

Employment posters

Hiring procedures

Personnel files

Performance evaluation process

Training & Development

Employee Engagement

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Managed IT services

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Backup and recovery

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